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Anyone who saw the old GoKunming knows that we've come a long way from our days as a lowly listings site.

Now we're interactive, with classifieds and forums. And we don't get any people telling us about how we're not rendering correctly in Firefox anymore (thanks Matt). Our favorite new feature is the blog style, which allows us to indulge our creative writing urges without having to be coherent for more than a few paragraphs.

As a good neighbor in the Kunming blogosphere, we'd like to give a shout out to the bloggers here who are sharing their experiences and views on life in Kunming and China. Interestingly, all of the urls for these blogs follow a '....inchina.com' format. Here it is, our unofficial Kunming blogroll:

Greg in China Greg comes to Kunming from the UK, unleashing his wit on the more - er - quaint aspects of life in southwestern China.

Elizabeth in China Most recently from the American Midwest, Elizabeth is relatively new to Kunming. Her experiences should be useful for foreigners thinking about moving to Kunming.

My Life in Kunming Jonathan, also American, appears to travel quite a bit in this part of the country, recording his impressions and experiences along the way. Some good travel photos.

There it is... if you or anyone you know has a Kunming-based blog please let us know.

Ryan has been in touch to tell us about his blog - seems he's been doing a spot of travel lately... but he's posting again from Kunming round about now - check it out: Expreference.com

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