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Graphic design exhibition this weekend

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Local graphic design duo Xiangpiren (橡皮仁) will hold "Made in China 2007", an exhibition of their illustrations and visual designs this Saturday and Sunday at Bunny. The design team is hoping the exhibition will stimulate interest in designs featuring more of a Yunnan style.

Xiangpiren is made up of Gong Jinfeng (弓晋锋) and Ma Haofeng (马浩峰), who met while Gong was studying graphic design and Ma was studying animation at Yunnan Art Institute. Their reasons for putting on the free exhibition, which will feature nearly 100 of the design team's works, are simple.

"I want to see more localized design here in Kunming, design in Kunming has become too commercialized," Gong said. "If people who visit the exhibition find just one of our works inspiring or thought-provoking, then I'll be satisfied," he said.

Ma, who will participate in the upcoming first Kunming Anime Festival, said he's hoping to stimulate other local designers and artists to share their works with their peers and the public.

"There aren't enough activities like this in Kunming," he said.

Made in China 2007 will be held at Bunny from 10 am to 8 pm this Saturday and Sunday. Bunny is located just downhill from the intersection of Wenlin Jie and Jianshe Lu on Longxiang Jie.

4-5B Longxiang Jie (Longxiang Jie is the road running west from the intersection of Jianshe Lu and Wenlin Jie)
Tel: 5310223

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