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Open mic night and live hiphop at Halfway House

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Tonight Halfway House will launch a weekly open mic night to provide a stage for musicians, poets and storytellers. Hosted by Marc Hollingsworth every Monday night from 9:00 to 11:00, open mic night is the first attempt by Halfway House to get some regular use out of its stage and sound system.

According to the bar's management, anybody of any ability and performance background is welcome. There is no cover charge.

This Saturday night, Halfway House will also host a performance by hiphop crew South Silk Road with the local rap stylings of Tang Renti. DJ Kris will spin for a couple of hours afterward. Tickets will be sold at the door for 10 yuan.

Halfway House
Intersection of Dongfeng Xi Lu and Kunshi Lu

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I went to open mic night last night to see what was going on and was pleasantly surprised. Acoustic indie rock, a South Silk Road freestyle session with Kris Ariel drumming, Xinjiang folk music by Zhu Xiaolong and then a funky band with an MC, also freestyling. Host Marc Hollingsworth did an excellent job of enlisting performers and keeping the music going. A great first night.

Thanks for your support Chris. Our hope is that this open-mike will encourage people to share their music and other arts with the public.

Marc Hollingsworth

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