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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday and Saturday: Christmas Fair at TCG Nordica
The Christmas Fair at TCG Nordica this weekend will feature items for sale such as jewelry, handicrafts, food and even furniture. There will also be live performances and tree lighting ceremonies. It will run Friday from 5 to 9pm and Saturday from 10am to 6pm. More information is available here.

Friday and Saturday: Local music festival at Laowo Bar
Laowo Bar will hold two nights of live local music this weekend. Here're the details:

Friday at 9pm, in no particular order: Qimuguang(七木广), Mayuan Shiren (麻园诗人), The Secret Flight Trip (秘密飞行), Strange Day (奇怪的日子) and Sigangli (司岗里). One-day ticket 30 yuan, two-day ticket 50 yuan.

Saturday at 9pm, not in order: Anliu (暗流), Post Apocalypse (世界毁灭之前), Kouxian (扣弦), Duanxian (断弦) and Jisheng Qianye (寄生前夜). 30 yuan.

Friday: 60s and 70s party at The Hump Bar
Costumes are welcome at The Hump Bar's Hippy Wigs party tonight. The 60s and 70s music will be served up starting at 10pm with 10 yuan shots of tequila on special.

Friday: DJ Yangbing
A popular fixture in the Beijing club scene, DJ Yangbing (杨兵) brings his techno and house stylings to Uprock tonight. Entry to the 10pm party is 30 yuan.

Friday and Saturday: Live music at 1895 Bar
David and Steve from the Great Apes and DJ I'm No Prize will perform at 1895 Movie Bar tonight and Eddy and Jost will play an acoustic set on Saturday night. Both shows are free and start at 10pm with Valentins Weissbier on special for 18 yuan.

Friday and Saturday: Live music at 1896 Bar
Jost will perform modern and not-so-old folk songs at 1896 Sports Bar tonight and Robert will play English and Sardinian standards on Saturday night. Both shows are free and start at 10pm with Valentins Weissbier on special for 18 yuan.

Saturday: Steak and BBQ night at Lazy Bones
Lazy Bones restaurant will hold a steak night and barbecue Saturday with steaks, hamburgers and cheeseburgers, as well as Aussie beer and drink specials all weekend. The barbecue runs from 6 to 10pm.

Saturday: Christmas benefit concert at Kunming International Academy
The second annual Christmas Benefit Concert Saturday at Kunming International Academy will have choirs, a chamber orchestra and a string and flute ensemble, with all proceeds going to charity. More information about the 7pm, 20 yuan concert is available here.

Saturday: Guo Yanni at Laba
Electric violinist Guo Yanni (郭燕妮) will perform with her band at Laba on Saturday night. The 9pm show will cost 100 yuan.

Saturday: DJ Blitz and MC Mike Wind at The Hump Bar
DJ Blitz will play his own hip hop mixes and MC Mike Wind will perform live at The Hump Bar on Saturday. The free show starts at 10pm

Saturday: The Great Apes at Uprock
The Great Apes bring their bluesey rock sound to Uprock on Saturday night. The 10pm show is free.

Sunday: BBQ and brunch at Lazy Bones Pizza
Lazy bones will have steak hamburgers and cheeseburgers from 12 to 9pm on Sunday. It will also run its weekly Sunday brunch with the usual specials such as breakfast items, Italian food and a bloody mary bar from 11am-4pm.

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