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India and China to build friendship via tourism

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This month in New Delhi, India and China inaugurated the 'India-China Year of Friendship Through Tourism', which will promote tourism between these two massive neighbors that have only recently begun to interact with one another.

This year is the first year that India's tourism ministry will aggressively pursue inbound Chinese tourists, primarily by opening a tourism office in Shanghai, publication of tourism materials in Chinese and a Chinese version of its 'Incredible India' website.

According to India's tourism ministry, India received 46,805 inbound Chinese travelers in 2005, compared to 629,947 Indians visiting China in the same year. The ministry's research has found Buddhism to be the primary draw for Chinese tourists, with yoga and Bollywood also noted as major attractions.

Kunming will be an important city in this year's ministerial and industry exchanges between. Major events coming up in the next twelve months include:

Familiarization trips of a 15-member Indian media and tour operator delegation to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yunnan and Sichuan

Opening of the India Tourism Office in Shanghai

CNTA to inaugurate its office in New Delhi.

Participation by India Tourism in the China International Travel Mart in Kunming, CNTA has designated India as Guest Country of Honor

January 2008
Visit by Indian Minister for Tourism and Culture to Kunming to attend the closing ceremony of 'India-China Year of Friendship Through Tourism'; India's Cultural and Food Festival in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong province

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