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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: Live rap/metal at Laowo Bar
Beijing rap/metal group Twisted Machine (扭曲的机器) will play Laowo at 9pm. Entry is 50 yuan.

Friday: Funk at The Hump Bar
Funk as F__k at The Hump Bar. 10 yuan tequilas. 10pm.

Friday: Disco Death at Uprock
Dubstep, drum & bass, and house from Chengdu-based DJ duo Disco Death. 11pm, 20 yuan

Friday: Microbrew at The Bad Monkey in Dali
If you're up in Dali, swing by the Bad Monkey for the launch of Dali's first microbrewed beers. They've got 6.5% alcohol pilsner and dark beer.

Friday: US citizens services at Green Lake Hotel
United States Consulate American citizen services. First come, first served. 8-10am at Green Lake Hotel. See the United States Consulate in Chengdu website for more information.

Friday: TCG Nordica
Exhibition opening at TCG Nordica: "Taste and Reality": seven artists and a variety of media. 8pm, free entry.

Saturday: Cat's Cradle Café - Book Reading
Book reading: Author Chris Taylor will read from his new novel Harvest Season at Cat's Cradle, free Kirin beer for early arrivals, 6:30pm, free entry.

Saturday: Ganesh Bar & Restaurant Birthday Party
Ganesh's first birthday party promises to be the big one tonight. The Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project will play a set, followed by DJ Spotify. Ganesh will be giving away San Miguel beers beginning at 8pm. Bring party flyer in for 20 kuai of free food or drink.

Saturday: Nashville Sound Bar
Free joint concert by local postrockers Strange Day (奇怪的日子) and Mr. U&D (上下先生). 9pm.

Saturday: The Hump Bar
Dachong (大冲) will play live Yizu rock 'n' roll at The Hump Bar. 10pm. Free entry.

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