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Akufen in Dali, Music Festival On The Way?

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Montreal-based electronic musicians Akufen aka Marc LeClair and Gabriel Coutu-Dumont visited Dali in late July, originally planning on chilling out en route to performing in Lijiang.

As often happens to people visiting Dali, Akufen and Coutu-Dumont found themselves spending more time in Dali than they had originally planned. The duo ended up putting on a memorable performance at Dali's east gate, playing into the early morning.

Coutu-Dumont (l) and Akufen (r)
Coutu-Dumont (l) and Akufen (r)

It appears that Akufen and Coutu-Dumont's performance has inspired a group in Dali to organize a music festival for the upcoming National Day holiday at the beginning of October.

According to GoKunming's sources in Dali, the festival will take place on the weekend of Oct 2-3 and will feature two national acts plus a collection of Yunnan-based musicians. It is also expected to be held at the old town's east gate.

Stay tuned for details...

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