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Kunming International Academy to get new campus in 2008

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Kunming International Academy (KIA) has announced that it will move to a new campus in southeast Kunming's Economic and Technological Development Zone near Yunnan University's Yangpu campus. Construction is expected to begin this year and classes in the new facility are projected to begin in autumn 2008.

Founded in 1994, KIA is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and teaches students from the Junior Kindergarten level to 12th grade. The school currently has more than 200 students from over 20 countries.

KIA is currently located in the Yan Jia Di Residential Area in south downtown Kunming. Land costs for the school's new campus are estimated at US$2.5 million.

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That's Yunda's Yang PU campus, not Yang Fu.

Thanks Jeff. Mistake corrected.

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