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China blogs: Off-beat pop video, scoop on the deported New Zealander

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Think that Chinese pop videos are mostly saccharine affairs full of old lovers wandering around European cities with lyrics telling of broken hearts? Perhaps they are, which is why a new video for Huang Zheng's song "Sell" stands out: It features people from various classes seeping with blood and tears when they count how long it would take them to buy a luxury apartment. Charles Custer at ChinaGeeks shares the video and translates the lyrics.

A warning to anyone who is thinking of wreaking havoc on the GoKunming forums: Your words might come back to bite you. ChinaHush has the full story on a New Zealander who was deported from China for allegedly stalking, harassing and threatening people on the Beijinger website.

Jeremiah Jenne at Jottings from the Granite Studio continues his forays into Chinese history and textbooks this week, this time looking at which messy facts were left out of the discussion of 1840—the start of the Opium War.

According to this ChinaSMACK post, nearly all the things you can see in the World Cup in South Africa (including the footballs, seating, condoms, wigs...) have been made in China, prompting plenty of despair about being the workshop of the world on the part of Chinese commentators. In another post, ChinaSMACK also shows us some great character-art this week. See if you can spot which characters make up the picture, which in turn represents the meaning of the character(s)!

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