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China blogs: K-pop fans vs. hackers, would you pass the gaokao, DIY cannon

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A Wuhan citizen has built himself a cannon to protect his property from developers.

The jihad has come to Asia! No, not that one, but an altogether new kind of holy war. The warriors? Fans of Korean pop group Super Junior against an alliance of hackers, and it seems as if the hackers have taken the upper hand by crippling the fans' forums. Global Voices Online has the events leading up to the "jihad," and China Hush has pulled together various articles about the incident, including one about resentment towards the "Korean wave."

China's national college-entrance exam, the fateful gaokao, caused much parental and student gnashing of teeth this week, to say the least. But, according to a translation by Danwei, it appears that at least one Sichuan student managed to cheat through the exam by desperately appealing for help on a popular forum. And if you're wondering how you would have fared, check out Danwei's translations of exam questions from all over the country. But don't worry if you can't make head nor tail of them: Neither could Shanghaiist, who had to go in search of expert help.

After petrol bombs and self-immolation, it's hard to know what to tactic to take when you learn that developers want to seize your land and knock down your home. But one man in Wuhan has taken it up a notch by building himself a homemade cannon, which so far has been able to repel a team of 100 evictors. EastSouthWestNorth translates the story and has some awesome pictures.

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