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China blogs: Factory suicides, immigration law, grand CCTV meetings

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The big news this week has been the string of suicides at Foxconn's factory in Shenzhen, and among the copious number of posts written, Roland Soong at EastWestSouthNorth has probably done the best job at covering all bases. He crunches the numbers and looks at how the Foxconn suicide rate can or can't compare to the general population, looks at the concept of copycat suicides, and translates an article that asks why the media is paying so much attention to this story. Elsewhere, China Study Group looks at the different personal reasons for the suicides and the state of the working class in China while Shanghaiist translates a joke a hacker placed on the Foxconn website.

Here's something to keep your eye on in the future: China's first comprehensive immigration law. Shanghaiist has a few of the scarce details on the law and immigration to China.

"There are no meetings that are not grand" if you're watching CCTV news, that is. Chinageeks very kindly translates an old but still popular joke about the tried and tested formula that dictates the style of the evening news on CCTV 1.

For those of you who can bear it, more Expo coverage. Adam Minter at Shanghai Scrap has a behind-the-scenes look at the Australia pavilion, which, depending on your point of view, will either make you marvel at the technical and logistical achievements, or simply sigh at the waste created for this international back-slapping event.

The guys at Portrait of an LBX continue to regale us with tales of
their adventures with Yunnan folk. This week, they narrate a story of a baijiu-drenched dinner slowly going awry as well as a much more sedate stop with a tea-grower who describes inter-ethnic stereotyping along the Burmese border.

Lastly, Adam Cathcart at Sinologistical Violoncellist shares his
opinions on China's unhappy relationship with North Korea (requires proxy) and the tensions on the Korean peninsula, and A Modern Lei Feng writes about North Korea flying Chinese football fans to South Africa to support the North Korean team at the World Cup.

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