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Yunnan air ticket prices climbing

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Bad news for frequent fliers of Yunnan routes: China Eastern Airlines raised full-fare economy ticket prices for flights within Yunnan by as much as 20 percent earlier this week.

Other airlines, including China Southern and Lucky Air, are expected to follow suit and enact similar price hikes.

Following is a list of China Eastern's new rates for Yunnan:

Kunming - Tengchong: 1000 yuan
Kunming - Xishuangbanna: 990 yuan
Kunming - Lijiang: 940 yuan
Kunming - Lincang: 750 yuan
Kunming - Wenshan: 700 yuan
Kunming - Shangri-La: 1110
Kunming - Mangshi: 1000 yuan
Kunming - Pu'er: 810 yuan
Lijiang - Xishuangbanna: 1130 yuan
Kunming - Dali: 800 yuan
Kunming - Baoshan: 810 yuan

While it remains uncommon for fliers in China to pay the full price for a ticket, the raises could drive up average actual ticket prices.

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Let's hope they get some competition soon. Especially since we foreigners often have to pay full price and it can't be right that you can fly to Beijing for half the price of what a ticket for the 40 minutes flight to Xishuangbanna is.


Then it looks like I'll stay within a bus ride of KMG during my week in Yunan. I hear there are hot springs 30 miles away.

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