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Drug busts land pair in detention

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A plan to smuggle heroin from Kunming to Liupanshui by train late last month went tits up when police discovered the contraband hidden in two women's brassieres at Kunming's main train station, according to a Kunming Daily report.

The suspects, surnamed Huang and Lu, are 23 and 36 years old respectively and both hail from Guizhou. Police reportedly noticed the women acting strangely in the station on the afternoon of March 24 before searching them.

Huang was the first to be found out at the station's security checkpoint, where police discovered 509 grams of heroin wrapped in plastic and secured inside her bra with newspaper and clear packing tape.

Soon after, police also busted Lu, whose bra was padded with 560 grams of heroin.

Huang and Lu reportedly told police that an unnamed man offered them 1,200 yuan to carry the drugs from Kunming to Liupanshui in Guizhou province.

The women are currently awaiting trial.

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Obviously the unusual sight of a padded bra gave them away.


Do they sell non-padded bras in China, I've only seen padded. Or maybe the unusual sight was them smiling and laughing?

That sounds like quite a lot to stuff in a bra.

Either way, these women will most likely be executed. That's not funny.


Or is it?


Best use of "tits up" ever

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