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China blogs: skinny benches, wealthy women, life in the gorge

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Have you sat on one of the new bus-stop benches on Renmin Nan Lu and started worrying about your bum being too big because you can't seem to sit on it? If so, don't worry, it's not you, it's the bench. China Hush has a short post about people's complaints about Chengdu's "anti-homeless" benches.

And elsewhere on China Hush, more complaining, this time from businesswomen suffering from what seems to be a new proverb: Behind every wealthy woman there's a man who's keeping her as his mistress. Just 'cause she's driving a BMW and wearing Gucci, doesn't mean she's an ernai, alright?

A few readers may have met Margo Carter, an Australian who lived in Tiger Leaping Gorge from the 1990s until her recent death during a solo hike. The precise causes of her death are shrouded in mystery, but In the Footsteps of Joseph Rock tells about Carter's life in the gorge. (If you're unable to see that one, get a preview on Matt Schiavenza's blog here)

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Also in Yunnan, ChinaSMACK features an astonishing set of pictures that shows just how bad the drought is in some parts of Yunnan.

Plenty of foreign companies have been grumbling about China's changing business and FDI environments after the Google pull-out and the Rio Tinto case. China Law blog tackles these concerns head on, arguing that things are still the same—the only difference is that Chinese laws are increasingly enforced.

And if you can take any more on the G***** thing, China Geeks translates a story from a Chongqing newspaper that broke ranks on the official line on the aforementioned search-engine giant. Thankfully, they don't quite mention it by name.

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