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New Year's Party in Dali

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Dragonfly Garden in Dali
Dragonfly Garden in Dali

Dragonfly Garden in Dali will be ringing in 2007 with a lakeside New Year's party on Erhai Lake.

The party begins at 8pm on New Year's Eve and will feature a DJ battle with DJ Scalp Latine vs DJ Laga. DJ Siku and an all-night drum circle will go until 8am.

The evening will also feature fireworks at midnight, bonfires and firedancing, all-night pizza and barbecue and a 2007 sunrise boat trip on Erhai Lake featuring a fully stocked bar with champagne, wine and German beer.

For those that don't know how to get there, there will be round-the-clock shuttle bus service from the intersection of Boai Lu and Renmin Lu (near the Bird Bar) to Dragonfly Garden, 3km outside of town on Erhai Lake near the Caicun Pier. Directions can also be found on Dragonfly Garden's website, which is still under construction but has some information up now.

To book accommodations, call Dragonfly Garden at 135 2965 7680.

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