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Baoshan man accused of murder, cannibalism

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A village near Baoshan is in shock after the arrest of a man who stands accused of murdering two children and eating their brains, allegedly to cure his epilepsy.

29-year-old Wang Zhaoxu (王朝旭), a resident of the village of Xianqi, is awaiting trial in a local detention center for the grisly murders of a three-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy earlier this year.

Another villager reportedly discovered Wang crouching over the boy's corpse in a field on January 23.

Zhang Huansheng told local media that when he approached Wang and the dead boy, Wang began shaking the child's body and said, "My child has passed out and I'm trying to wake him up. Baby, wake up, wake up."

Later that day after Wang's arrest, the girl's body was found in another part of the village. Both children's skulls were opened, their brains missing.

Wang was attempting to cure his severe epilepsy by eating a mixture of children's brains and earthworms, which is reportedly a local folk treatment for epilepsy.

The names of both victims are being withheld while the investigation continues.

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