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China blogs: One thousand suitors, Lei Feng Day, naked push-ups

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A girl in Chengdu sparked a "mass incident" this week when she appealed for a boyfriend on a campus message board at the University of Electronic Science and Technology. Potential suitors were to call out her name outside her apartment, but it seems she got more than she bargained for when over 1,000 guys turned up below her window; EastSouthWestNorth provides the details.

Southwest art: eCitiesChina has a post this week about the North Village Art District in Chengdu's suburban Xindu.

Although Peter Hessler has "postponed" his scheduled appearances at this year's China-based literary festivals, including the Chengdu Bookworm's Literary Festival, he wrote a long post about how snapping away with a digital camera has aided his writing, with examples from his new book, Country Driving.

It was Lei Feng day last week, and it seems like the man himself came back to life to talk about how to do good deeds in the 21st century. Danwei translates the micro-blog parodies. (Requires proxy.)

Finally, back to EastSouthWestNorth, which transcribes an interview with artist Ou Zhihang, a Guangzhou TV host who has won a prize at the World Press Photo (WPP) competition for his photography series depicting himself doing naked push-ups around China. The artist discloses how he manages to avoid arrest while photographing himself in front of Chinese landmarks and the locations of major social events as well as his motivations for his nude photography.

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