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Wei's reopens on Xiaodong Jie

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Wei's, formerly Wei's Pizzeria on Tuodong Lu, has moved to a new address at 27 Xiaodong Jie, just off Nanping Jie across from Carrefour, and will be holding an opening party this Friday evening.

We went along there last night to check it out, and are suitably impressed with Wei's new digs. The three-floor restaurant is based around an open courtyard, though there's private rooms with heaters for when the weather is colder.

Food-wise, we were excited to see some Indian dishes on the extensive menu - we sampled a saag aloo and a chicken tikka masala, but, while tasty, they weren't so authentic. The pizza performed better.

The opening party at the new Wei's begins at 6pm and will feature free pizza.

27 Xiaodong Jie
316 6189

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