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China blogs: Bureau chiefs gone wild, pornography, corruption

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The biggest story on the Chinese Internet this week seems to be the not-so-secret diary of Guangxi Tobacco Bureau chief Han Feng, who rather stupidly kept a detailed log of his daily activities, including taking bribes and bedding girlfriends, but most of the time, it seems, playing with electronics. The diary was, of course, later uploaded to the Internet, provoking much mirth. EastSouthWestNorth has the full translation, ChinaSMACK has netizen comments, and ChinaHush translates a Han Han post that claims that Han Feng is in fact one of the good officials.

New China blog china/divide, powered by some of the more prolific China bloggers on the scene, has been desperately trying to get your attention this week with some controversial topics and sex-related posts: see "Pornography should be legal in China" for a case in point.

The CPCC (that's the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) started this week, and Chinayouren has a round up of the stories coming out: Free laptops for delegates, thundering proposals, and the sly placing of a grass mud horse on one newspaper front page. Meanwhile, China Media Project provides a more detailed analysis of the tax-payer laptop giveaway.

Finally, how Confucian should a daughter be these days? Does it extend to doing as your parents say and paying for a younger brother's wedding to avoid being disowned? Netizens seem split on this moral conundrum. Little Red Book and ChinaSMACK have the goods.

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