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China blogs: Organic farming, soccer scandals, Internet censorship, more

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How can the countryside in China regain a attractive image and develop sustainably? This post on Asia Snapshots holds Chengdu's local organic food farm in Anlong as a worthy model after they chat with Gao Qingrong from the Gao Family Farm in Anlong, Sichuan.

Chengdu and Sichuan have both come under fire during the crackdown on soccer corruption. China Sports Daily has a round-up of the latest scandals.

The state-owned newspaper The Global Times has run a particularly open article about the extensive controls on the internet within China and their effect on users and Internet companies. If you're too lazy—er, pressed for time—to read the whole thing, DigiCha posts some choice quotes.

China Beat has a long and wide-ranging article by Ross Terrill, author of the biography Mao, about the book's publication in China, Mao fever, and Mao's changing place in Chinese thought.

The stereotype of the old, baijiu-quaffing, banquet-eating male government official might soon be displaced by the under-qualified but connection-rich and altogether cuter next generation. To Rise From Ashes and ChinaSMACK translate skeptic netizen reactions to the appointment of 20-something-year-olds high up the hierarchy of officials.

There's still no access to YouTube here for most of us, but you can always head over to Youku Buzz, which has a selection of the most-viewed videos to hit their site this week, including the hottest beggar ever to stroll Chinese streets and Chinese cross-talk comedy.

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