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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: All-you-can-eat BBQ at Sandra's
The barbecue tonight at Sandra's will include Australian T-bone, sirloin, rib eye and Kobe-style rib eye steaks. For reservations or more information about this 6pm event, call 15825267010.

Friday: Nevada Lundemo & Amigos at The Hump Bar
Entry is free tonight for this showcase of original songs by Nevada Lundemo & Friends at The Hump Bar. The event begins at 10pm.

Friday: DJs at Uprock
Tonight at Uprock DJ Yan, DJ Maxi, and M-Laox will hit the turntables starting at 10pm. Entry costs 10 yuan.

Saturday: All you can eat BBQ at Sandra's
Sandra's will hold another iteration of its barbecue at 6pm on Saturday. Call 15825267010 for reservations and information.

Saturday: Live ska at Laowo Bar
Chengdu-based ska band The Trouble (热超波乐队) will play at Laowo Bar on Saturday as part of its western China tour. The show starts at 9:30pm and tickets are 30 yuan or 20 yuan for students.

Saturday: DJ Yoknapatawpha at The Hump Bar
DJ Yoknapatawpha, reputed to be a Mississippi native in real life, will be DJing "low down swamp trash" at The Hump Bar on Saturday. The swampiness begins at 10pm with free entry and 10 yuan tequila shots on special.

Saturday: DJs at Uprock
DJ Miki from Qingdao will be joined by DJs Tonny and Shonny at Uprock on Saturday starting at 10pm. Entry is free.

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in the limit as δt approaches zero (and as the sum of all my beers approaches ∞), can i get Newton-Raphson sauce on my iterated ribs? (mmmm, apples; goes great with pork)

^Sounds like another Kunminger gone off the deep end. Maybe these endless days of nothing but sunshine are frying our brains.

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