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China blogs: Museums, national identity, contemporary art

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China's not often praised for the quality of its museums, but perhaps they are given more of a rough deal than is deserved. While the government plans massive investment in museums all over China, Evan Osnos of the New Yorker blog Letter from China talks to the authors of China: Museums, a book that reviews China's strange (600 horse skeletons, anyone?) and mundane museums.

If you want some hardcore and thoughtful reading about national identity in China (who doesn't?), Danwei this week features an academic, "Imagined Communities" take on what it is to be Chinese from University of Manchester's William A. Callahan's new book, China: The Pessoptimist Nation.

China's contemporary art world is a complicated thing despite its short history, but to see how art has dealt with the Cultural Revolution, head over to read an article at Inside-Out China, translated and with notes by Xujun Eberlein.

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