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Collapse at new airport kills 7, injures 34

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Seven are dead and 34 injured after an overpass collapse yesterday at the construction site of the new Kunming airport.

More than 30 construction workers were on the section of overpass when it collapsed at 2:20 pm on Sunday. According to Huang Zhibin (黄志斌), the official in charge of safety for the new airport, the collapse happened because a portion of the brace system "lost stability".

An investigation is underway to determine a more precise reason for the collapse. No details regarding compensation for the injured or the families of the deceased has been released.

Once completed, Kunming's new airport – tentatively named Kunming Zheng He International Airport – is projected to process 38 million passengers annually. The 23 billion yuan (US$3.3 billion) airport is expected to greatly expand Kunming's connectivity with Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Additionally, there are rumors of plans to offer direct flights to Europe, Australia and North America from the new airport, which would link Kunming with these continents for the first time.

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Could some one tell me when this new airport is slated for operation?


According to some Chinese communities online, the people in charge of constructing the bridge stole a large amount of the budget and chose to construct the bridge from cheaper materials than was originally planned. One person involved in the incident claimed that the bridge collapsed since the wind in Kunming is stronger than anticipated whereupon one made a comment saying "Maybe the weather was too cold for the bridge so it froze and broke?"

It's not the first time something like this happens in Kunming anyway. Once every second year it seems.

Like Sajeev, I've searched high and lo for any hint about when the new airport is likely to open and can't find anything. I'd really like to know also:)


Flew over it the other day coming in from Thailand. Doesn't appear to be anywhere near completion. Unfinished runways, buildings, support roads, etc. On the other hand, it does appear to be a massive airport.It will be nice when completed to be able to take direct flights to EU and the States as well as the rest of Asia.

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