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Food Delivery in Kunming

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Like most things in Kunming, getting food delivered to your home or office is still a relatively new concept.

Right now, only Paul's Shop offers grocery delivery, which includes all of the imported goods sold in their three Kunming locations plus produce items like fresh basil that are not generally sold in their stores. Call the nearest Paul's location for information: Downtown Kunming: 535 4210, West Kunming: 825 7963, North Kunming: 573 9783.

Here are the restaurants in Kunming that we know offer delivery.

Pisa Pizza
22 Wenlin Jie 1-2
534 1359

Pizza da Rocco
202 Wenlin Jie
538 6817

Teresa's Pizza
40 Wenlin Jie #2

Wei's Pizzeria
78 Tuodong Lu
316 6189

Please send any additional restaurants to us here.

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The numbers for these places really need to be updated. All of them are disconnected and Itd be really nice to be able to get delivery once in awhile.

Happy kitchen delivers. Teresa's number is disconnected. Paul's deliver, only if you can speak fluent Chinese and know all the names in Chinese for all the foreign goods you want!
Thanks Happy kitchen for your delivery service :)

Maybe this list needs to be updated, reading it make me reminisce about a Kunming of the far past, easy traffic, low/no pollution, much smaller city, bird and flow market with character...

Pisa and Weis have gone the way of the Dodo.

Roccos has moved

Teresas' big place is being renovated and I am not sure if it will ever open again, the smaller place on Wenlin Jie is still going,,I think.

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