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Government-funded gay bar in Dali finally opens
A "gay bar" in Dali that was funded with local government money finally opened after a three week delay, opening its doors on Sunday to a few dozen visitors who were given free condoms and advice on how to practice safe sex.

The bar, which does not sell alcoholic beverages, is run by the Dali HIV/AIDS prevention and health association, which received 120,000 yuan (US$17,600) in local government funds to address the local HIV/AIDS problem.

The bar was originally scheduled to open on December 1, World AIDS Day, but local volunteers working at the bar did not show up for the opening out of fear of the media attention – both local and international – that the bar had attracted.

Kunming police attempt to dispel detainee death doubts
Kunming police have gone on a public relations offensive in recent days, trying to explain the mysterious death of detainee Xing Kun (邢鲲), who died – allegedly by hanging himself with a bootlace – in an interrogation room on December 12.

Reaction to the police explanation of Xing's death across the Chinese internet has been skeptical. Kunming police say Xing hanged himself with a bootlace out of sight of the room's surveillance camera after using a banknote to unlock his handcuffs.

According to police assertions made in a QQ report bootlaces can support up to 75 kilograms of weight and the handcuffs used by Kunming police can be picked with paper bills.

Kunyang child dead, police say he hanged himself
A 12-year-old boy died in a school dormitory in Kunming's Kunyang County on Wednesday, with local police claiming that he hung himself with a scarf, according to a report on en.kunming.cn.

At Fengzong Primary School, more than 30 classmates of the boy, Yu Qin (余勤), have been moved out of the dormitory where Yu died and are now sleeping in a classroom. Four female teachers have reportedly been moved into the school's girls dormitory.

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