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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: Open House at Uprock
DJs Shonny, DD and Ice Ice will provide the tunes at Uprock tonight beginning at 10. Entry is free.

Saturday: Yaco Music Union at On We Go
Local hiphop band Yaco Music Union (雅歌音乐盟联), which features five rappers, two guitarists and a drummer, will perform at On We Go Saturday night at 8. Entry is 25 yuan.

Saturday: Fan Li exhibition opening at TCG Nordica
An opening for painter Fan Li's solo exhibition will be held at TCG Nordica at 8pm on Saturday night. Entry is free.

Saturday: Underground Disco Project at Uprock
Uprock will host a night of DJs from around China on Saturday night – Beijing DJ Yang Bing will be joined by Geezer from Chengdu, Zhi Qi from Beijing, Yang Qing from Guiyang and Liu Yan from the Spring City. Music begins at 9 and will run until 5 am. Entry is 30 yuan.

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