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China blogs: tenant sets herself on fire, life of a migrant worker, pop

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A woman in Chengdu's Jinniu district set herself on fire last month in protest the demolition of her house. ChinaSMACK has the story and netizen reactions, and China Geeks gives more details about this sad case.

Find out all you ever wanted to know (and a little more) about the life of a migrant worker and his workmates in Hainan in this post translated by China Hush.

What are the vital ingredients for a successful Chinese pop song? Albert at Laowai Chinese reckons he has the answer: by stuffing in as many cliched words as you can.

As if Chongqing's skyline needs more madness, Shanghaiist has some pictures and news of a new wobbly skyscraper to be built in Sichuan's neighboring city by MAD Architecture.

If stories about China leading the way in all things green and environmentally friendly has you raising an eyebrow, you're not alone. Adam Minter on Shanghai Scrap also takes a skeptical view in this post on controlling pollution and carbon emissions in China.

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