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China blogs: Blood donor scandal, China stereotypes, pollution

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A Chengdu man invokes the wrath of Chinese netizens after he boasts about using donated blood plasma to fertilize his plants, translated by Chinasmack.

Everyone knows that China isn't uniform, and the different areas each have their own stereotypes and reputations. Check out these funny maps depicting how the various provinces view each other, via Shanghaiist.

Ever sat through countless hours of TV dramas about the Red Army? No? Well, for good reason it seems. Uln of Chinayouren plows through 22 hours of "Stab in the Back" and shares his thoughts on its artistic merits and what it tells us about good communist ethics.

Lu Guang is the photographer who took the incredible and frightening pictures of environmental degradation in China that we linked to a few weeks ago. Now, Chinahush translates a Netease interview with him about photographing heavily polluted areas and how the villagers feel about the pollution.

The methods of translating foreign names into Chinese gets examined in a Danwei post about the possibilities of changing Barack Obama's Chinese name. (Requires proxy)

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