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China blogs: Peter Hessler's latest, Beijing scene, schoolgirl video

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China Study Group reports on a group of migrant workers who protested at Chengdu's Regal Master Plaza claiming that they are collectively owed 30 million RMB.

China Beat has a selection of links relating to the laowai's laowai, Peter Hessler, including early reviews of his new book, Country Driving.

China Geeks explains some of the reasons they regularly post about mistakes and bias in western media reports about China.

Chinamusicradar interviews Beijing indie-music photographer Matthew Niederhauser about the hype surrounding the capital's bands.

ChinaSMACK summarizes reactions to the "schoolgirl beating" video that made a splash on the internet this week.

Danwei features an excerpt from Apologies Forthcoming, a new collection of short stories by writer and Inside-out blogger Xujun Eberlein. Plus, Danwei shares the news that smoking is to be banned in Sichuan's hospitals.

And, if you don't know your Li Bingbing from your Fan Bingbing, you might want to check out eChinacities list of China's hottest female stars, a follow-up to last week's hottest male stars.

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