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China blogs: Chengdu animation, lots of National Day coverage

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China Hush and ESWN both translate an article about Chengdu-based amateur animator Jokelate and the three years he spent holed up in his mum's apartment working on a 16-minute anti-war animation "See Through" that's been called "the most awesome animated short film."

The New Yorker's Letter from China blog hosts a Q & A with Pacific and Asian history professor Geremie R. Barmé about the significance of military parades in China and their historical context.

Imagethief (and a ton of other sites) link to photographer Dan Chung's superb timelapse/slow motion (and tilt-shift?) video of the parade for The Guardian, touted as the only footage of it you need to see. Which stands in contrast to netizens' reactions to the CCTV coverage, as translated by ChinaSmack.

And if you haven't had enough of National Day parade-related posts, Jeremiah at Jottings from the Granite Studio shares his irreverent take on the celebrations, interspersed with quotes from the movie "The Hangover."

Having problems accessing certain sites even when you're using a go-between? Rconversation looks at what's been happening to the Internet behind the Great Firewall these past few weeks (a post that also serves as a good survey of some of the wall-jumping options out there). Not so coincidentally, you'll need a proxy to view it.

China Hush also compiles a list of keywords for each of the 60 years of the PRC, good for those wanting to brush up on some of the major events of the past six decades.

And China Digital Times links to pieces on the fortunes of two communes still going strong despite the changes of the past thirty years. Also requires a proxy.

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