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China blogs: digital dumps, ducks, journalist bloggers, Buddhist gaming

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Bought a new mobile recently? Over at Shanghai Scrap, Adam Minter links to his own Foreign Policy piece about South China's "digital dumps" and the volume of domestic e-waste that ends up there—which should encourage you to think twice about selling your dead electronics to the neighborhood scrap-hunter.

This Friday's fifty 5 introduces five of China's popular journalist bloggers: Good reading, especially if you can read Chinese and want to get sucked into the Chinese-language blog world.

Chinayouren tells an apparently true and rather entertaining story set in a Spanish airport about an averted plane crash, a Chinese mother-and-sun duo, and the mysterious ducks that tie everything together.

The China Media Project analyzes BBC's and AFP's lazy reporting, in which the two news giants publish articles based almost exclusively on information in a China Daily piece about media rules in Shenzhen.

China Hearsay offers a take on the political reasoning behind the U.S.'s decision to slap a tariff on tires imported from China.

Long reading from Fool's Mountain: A translation of a post recounting Deng Xiaoping interpreter and academic Zhang Weiwei's challenge to other scholars to name a country that democratized before modernizing, questioning the value of democracy before economic development.
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And finally, China Geeks excerpts a Times of India interview with "the only senior Buddhist leader recognized by Beijing, the Tibetans, and India," Karmapa Lama Trinley Dorje, 24, who talks about the emotional therapy of playing war video games.
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