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China blogs: endangered love songs, virtual coal mining, fake condoms

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The Plateau Music Project uploads three "endangered" love songs (with lyrics) from the Tibetan plateau as part of their efforts to record and preserve local music heritage. It's not just the pandas that are worth saving.

China Digital Times links to a high-quality interactive web video called Journey to the End of Coal, in which you are an investigative reporter, delving into the dirty world of coal in Shanxi province.

China News Wrap translates an article on Sohu that about increasingly unmet demand for migrant workers in China's southern cities—suggesting that factories might have to improve labor conditions in order to attract workers.

China Media Project looks at how state media are dealing with their "shackles" while writing about the 60th anniversary of the PRC.

More scary stuff from Chinahush: namely, 40,000 fake condoms.

And in an update for those of you interested in the "Shanghainese black girl" Lou Jing controversy, Chinahush posts a video of and translates the transcript of a long interview with Lou Jing about her experiences growing up black in China and her feelings on all the attention she's been receiving. And CNReviews chimes in with, All you foreigners are just as racist as the Chinese you're accusing!

One more from CNReviews: A look at the bias implied in the blogosphere fuss over Thomas Friedman's editorial in the New York Times, which points out some advantages of autocracy (China) vs. democracy (U.S.).

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Nice new feature. As the Chinese would say: Ding!

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