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Upcoming Chapter One Promotions

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We like promotions, Kunming doesn't have enough of them. Chapter One has a couple of promotions coming up in the near future:

This Sunday [ed: we originally posted this event for Saturday, apologies for any confusion], Chapter One will host a British-style roast lunch featuring roast chicken, gravy, potatoes, veggies and some vino. Price should be around 25-30 yuan/person and the number of lunches sold will be limited.

Also, December 1 is the beginning of the "10 days of Beerlao" at Chapter One. One big bottle of Beerlao and one black Beerlao will sell for 20 yuan until Dec 10th.

Chapter One
Address: 146 Wenlin Jie
Telephone: (0871) 5365635
Open daily 9:30am to after midnight

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The roast-lunch is on Sunday 26th November not on Saturday. Apologies to anybody who turns up one day early. No slap up lunch on Saturday!!

The number of lunches will be limited so turning up earlier guarantees grub! Lunch runs from 12.30 until 2.30.

ooh sounds good. but lunches sold will be limited? can we make a booking?

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