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International health care in Kunming?

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We came across this press release today about US-based China Health Management Corp (CHMC), who has built a hospital with partner Richard Technology here in Kunming. Richland International Hospital is scheduled to open by the end of this year. It will be located on the Beijing Lu extension, just north of the Jinxing Flyover in north central Kunming.

According to the press release, CHMC's goal is "to establish a leading position in the high-end medical market in Yunnan Province in 3-5 years, and to secure a 40% market share of the private medical services industry."

In most cities, this would be a formidable challenge. In Kunming it shouldn't be too difficult as there are no local hospitals that we are aware of that offer care, equipment and facilities that meet international levels. We've argued for a while that one of the major obstacles to Kunming becoming an international city is its lack of international-standard hospitals and clinics - at the moment Bangkok and Hong Kong are the main options for Kunming residents who want top-end medical care.

This isn't just about making a hospital for the foreigners, there is a large middle class in Kunming and also wealthy small cities nearby such as Yuxi and Qujing that want access to high-quality health care with modern, clean facilities and a high level of service. They are willing to pay a premium for this as well. Once Kunming has international-standard health care, it won't just cause expat managers to consider moving here, it should also lead to an increase in Chinese professionals from the coast considering a move to the Spring City.

Richland International Hospital
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Did little checking....

The hospital is in a residential building occupying the bottom 3 floors. Residents on the upper floors are protesting the idea of a hospital in their building (I guess I would too).

The place is called... 尚都国际小区

ref: bbs.yntv.cn/redirect.php?tid=30656&goto=nextoldset

I met someone who has just moved to Kunming to work at this hospital. Apparently one must become a "member" to access its services... I'm sure if the membership is comparable to the price of a flight to Bangkok, that would make it worthwhile... supposed to open end of January '07.


Here's the hospital website: www.intrh.com/

My family and I have had occasion to seek treatment at Richland Hospital.

We were pleasantly surprised by the high standard of medical care.

As a long-time participant in health care governance I was especially impressed by the professional administration of Richland Hospital.

I can only imagine the bright future of Richland Hospital as it reaches out to the international community with its public relations program.

Professor Wayne Detzler, Ph.D.


Could you please let me know how much it would cost to have a baby in kunming at one of the hospital.


Probably around 10,000yuan(including everything), if you want to have a baby in Kunming with high standard service.



I would like to do an internship with Kunming Hospital - how can I contact them? the following website does not work:


any help is greatly appreciated!


Richland Hospital's website is still up at: www.intrh.com/GetKnowledge/zh-cn/Default.aspx However they appear to have lost their English website. We had a baby at Richland in Nov 2009, posted cost for natural delivery without anesthesia, two nights inpatient was Y6000, they charged us Y7000 at check out and we finally settled at Y6700. We've written about the experience elsewhere on GoKunming (search "luciole"). Better than most Yunnan hospitals, not as good as most hospitals in Chiang Mai or Bangkok, definitely "international" in name only.

I am looking for my twins to have their first inoculations in November, would anyone recommend this hospital for that?

i'd definitely think twice, or even more, about having a baby here.


I wasn't impressed by Richland after my nearly weeklong stay. It looks more like a luxury hotel than a hospital. They ran out of the antibiotics I was on in the middle of my treatment and misdiagnosed me with a 2cm kidney stone and suggested surgery, then 4 days later couldn't find a thing. I think they were nice enough and do have english translators which is comforting but are definitely looking to make money off of patients, bottom line.

The Richland Hospital is a excellent CHINESE HOSPITAL, very modern, with private rooms, translators (which is a great difference) and relatively accessible prices. However IS NOT enough to be an INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL, his doctors do not speak English, are very dependent on translators, and most have never studied outside China. Though polite and courteous the staff and technicians need better training to meet the foreign customer, including to stop commenting about the client in his presence (phrases like "h, he does not speak Chinese" are very common).

The loyalty Program is flawed, since it does not allow reimbursement for foreign. As a foreigner has no stability in China, this prevents many from making the minimum card (of 5000 kuais). Think about, if China does not renew your visa, you lose 5000 RMBs! Nobody will invest for prevention.

In resume, Richland think not so much about the foreign or international, the Hospital was actually made for the growing middle class of Kunming.


Totally agree with macaukmg's comment. We had a baby there two years ago, and didn't have any complications, but if we had I think probably we would have had to have been transported to Yun Da hospital (Kunming Med College No 1 Hospital, that is) as Richland did not appear equipped to handle emergency procedures. Nursing staff were a mixed lot in terms of competence, and though there slightly more respect for patient privacy than at many mainland hospitals, still too many people who didn't need to be there coming in to watch the foreign woman give birth, breast-feed, etc. Pricing is a mysterious thing too, upon check out, the cashier would not honor the pricing on their own promotional brochures sitting in their own lobby nor issue a legal receipt. Our experiences in Thai hospitals, such as Maharaj in Chiang Mai (CMU's teaching hospital) have been much better.

Does the hospital have a Physical Therapy department? Do they contract Physical Therapist?

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