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Yunnan to add 30 solar power plants

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State-owned Guangming Company of China recently formed a partnership with German government aid group Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau to build 30 solar energy plants in Yunnan Province. The facilities will generate up to 300 clean kilowatts, enough power for 900 to 1,500 homes.

Dr Xie Jian
Dr Xie Jian
The central government tasked an advisory panel from the Solar Energy Research Institute of Yunnan Normal University with the project's success. Dr Xie Jian, deputy director of the Institute, was selected as chairman.

Dr Xie has worked with the Japanese, American, and German energy ministries during his 30-year tenure. He often lectures on the market viability of clean energy while on the conference circuit, invoking Kunming's reputation abroad as the Solar City.

"It's a bit more expensive, but people in Kunming want to use clean energy; they think it's a good choice," Dr Xie told GoKunming. "As the technology becomes more efficient, it will be used by businesses as well."

About half of the provincial capital's households heat their water with solar power, he said.

Beijing's financing of the international project may indicate that public funds, one possible catalyst for the broad application of solar energy, will be available for similar projects in the future.

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i want to know something more about the Dr.xie jian.and his students.more about solar energy


Dr Xie Jian is a famous expert in china .I want to know more about him.clear engergy also important for all of the word. wait for your next artical about him and his work.


Dear Sir,

We are an Canada based solar company and we need partnet to build a 10MW solar park project here in Ontario Canada.

Solar Energy is about the future as well as the present. Solar energy is a clean, efficient and sustainable form of renewable energy and the greater Dryden areas just happens to be globally positioned to establish a viable solar facility. According to Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan) RETScreen map, the greater city area has the photovoltaic (PV) potential to generate 1200 – 1300 kWh/kW on a south-facing slope which is higher than the world's largest PV producer of energy, Germany.

The city recently completed the Economic Development Strategy and Implementation Plan which identifies Renewable Energy as a target sector for community diversification. To that end, the City is soliciting Expressions of Interest from qualified developers of solar-powered PV systems to construct a 10 Mw ground-mounted solar project within the municipal boundaries. The City has identified 100 acres of un-cultivated field gently sloping to the south, and within 80 metres of an approved connection point to the hydro grid, and with an additional 100 acres for similar development. The area known as Hatch's field is owned by the municipality and is located on the north side of Swanson's Creek bordered by Leach Road and the TransCanada Highway #17. The transformer station (TS) has the capacity to accept an additional 22.3 Mw.

To date the city has made application to Hydro One for Connection Impact Assessments (CIA) for two-10 Megawatt (Mw) PV projects at the site. In addition, the City of Dryden has been proactively preparing for the development over the past year and has completed the following:

§ Passed necessary bylaws for establishment of alternative energy development on the site

§ Made necessary amendments to the City's Official Plan to accommodate PV Parks, and

§ Stated its commitment to taking part ownership of a 10 Mw PV park development.

"The development of a solar park is not just about providing energy to the grid, it is also an economic development opportunity for our community. Qualified developers are being asked to submit a business plan and also identify potential for; employment opportunities (now and in the future) for the local skilled workforce, educational and training opportunities, government grant and funding programs, and new partnership opportunities" stated Mayor.

Requests for Expressions of Interest are to be submitted by April 1st, 2009 for review and evaluation. A short list of 3 proponents will be developed with whom further negotiations will be carried out toward the goal of selecting one proposal for final consideration. The City is hoping to see ground break in the spring of its Centennial year, 2010.

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