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Kunming foreign trade up 43.6% in July
Kunming Customs announced that in July the city's foreign trade grew by 43.6 percent over July of the previous year, according to a Kunming Daily report. The total value of Kunming's imports and exports reached US$790 million, making July the city's biggest month for foreign trade so far this year.

Buoyed by a growing manufacturing sector, Kunming exported US$380 million in goods last month, with the total value of imports reaching US$410 million. Kunming's foreign trade for the first seven months of this year totaled US$3.71 billion.

Four injured after hospital sword attack
Four men are injured with three in critical condition at Kunyi Number Two Affiliated Hospital (昆医附二 ) after a group of men with swords attacked them at the hospital, the Yunnan Information Times is reporting.

According to eyewitnesses, four or five men wielding knives with blades as long as one meter attacked four men, during which time hospital security guards reportedly fled. Neither the men's identities nor the reason for the attack have been made clear.

A hospital spokesperson said its best staff were attending to the injured men. Some of the men's relatives have complained that the hospital is responsible for the attack because its security staff abandoned their posts.

China Eastern to launch Kunming-Jinghong-Bangkok route
The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced that China Eastern Airlines has applied to serve a new route linking Kunming and Bangkok through Jinghong in southern Yunnan's Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, according to a Flightglobal report.

The new route, which is scheduled to be launched in October, is expected to operate seven times weekly.

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