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Banyan Tree to expand into Kunming and throughout Yunnan

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High-end hotel and spa developer Banyan Tree Holdings signed a cooperation agreement with Kunming Urban Construction Real Estate Development Co on Monday to build the luxury Angsana Hotel and Banyan Tree Villa in north Kunming's Platinum Avenue Business District, according to local media reports.

The double hotel development will make Kunming the third project location for Singapore-based Banyan Tree, which already has hotel and spa facilities in Lijiang and Ringha, near Shangri-la.

In addition to entering the Kunming market, Banyan Tree is also reportedly planning to build hotel and spa facilities in Dali, Chengjiang and Yuanyang, all of which will be built in conjunction with Kunming Urban Construction.

The Kunming Angsana Hotel and Banyan Tree Villa (see above image) will be 10 stories high and will feature eight restaurants and bars plus spa and meeting facilities. The Banyan Tree Villa will have 150 guest rooms and the Angsana Hotel will have 285 guest rooms.

Kunming Mayor Zhang Zulin, who spoke at Monday's signing ceremony, noted that the completion of the Angsana Hotel and Banyan Tree Villa will have a positive impact on Kunming's northern area, helping to solidify its position as a central business district and also raising property values in the area.

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