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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: Dali Torch Festival
Tonight Dali will celebrate the torch festival, a visually spectacular event with plenty of eating, drinking and flaming torches everywhere. In addition to torches, locals sell dried pine resin - throw it at your torch to create a flame thrower. If you do go, make sure to wear clothing that you don't mind getting burnt.

Friday: Dance party at The Box II
The Box II will hold its first dance party tonight with extra large gin and tonics and rum and cokes on special for 25 yuan. Dancing starts at 9:00, entry is free.

Friday: Country/folk concert at 1895 Movie Bar
Whiskey Sam and Philippe will play and sing country-folk music with their acoustic instruments from 10:00 tonight at 1895 Movie Bar. Entry is free.

Saturday: Classical Jazz concert at TCG Nordica
TCG Nordica will host the concert "Classical Meets Jazz" Saturday night. Music starts at 8:00, entry is 30 yuan.

Saturday: Pop rock at 1895 Movie Bar
Saturday night at 1895 Movie Bar David and Philippe will play pop-rock from 10:00. Entry is free.

Sunday: Outdoor music and BBQ at Uprock
Uprock will host an outdoor acoustic jam and barbecue on its roof terrace beginning at 6:00 and lasting till late (weather permitting). Selected drinks will be half-price until 7:00. Entry is free.

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Actually, Uprock is closed all weekend for the Fuxian beach party

According to what they've told us, the outdoor music/BBQ thing will start later than usual at 6:00 - I originally wrote 3:00. Thanks for catching that.

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