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Solar eclipse to sweep across China tomorrow

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China is set to experience a total solar eclipse (日全食) tomorrow morning. The shadow cast by the Moon will track across China from West to East, allowing viewers in Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang to observe totality. This total eclipse has the longest duration of any in the 21st century, and is likely to be the one observable by the most people.

To see the total eclipse in Yunnan, you'll need to be North of Diqing, near to Yunnan's border with Tibet or Sichuan. Viewers there can expect around four and a half minutes of totality, starting at around 9am Beijing time. In downtown Kunming, there'll be no total eclipse, but the partial eclipse (日偏食) will reach around 85% obscuration at around 9:08am.

For lots of eclipse data, take a look here. If you're reading from Sichuan, check out Jane's great post on GoChengdoo.

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what time the elipes will be in guangzhou or gondong provience ?


Did anyone see the partial eclipse? It wasn't noticeable at all from Think UK.

i was rather impressed. glad i didn't bother with the long trip to somewhere "better", as i was quite happy with the degree of sun-munch-ed-ness i saw from Kunming. bit worried i've fried my retinas though.

when the light dimmed and the dogs started barking and the cicadas started chirping, i was happy enough.

i'm thinking that maybe the high buildings in Think UK mean you're used to perma-twilight? :P


in failei si (deqin)

saw the total eclipse, was so dark!! got some great photos!!

funny to hear the roosters crowing once the sun returned. all the animals were pretty confused.

wow! just got back to daocheng from grasslands where we watched total eclipse here in sichuan. its raining so have time to share a photo and story...

on 22nd weather was perfect and experience was trully amazing! after few hours of morning sun it started to get colder and darker and then full eclipse ring on the before-sunrise-like sky with some stars around!

durring full eclipse yaks around us went crazy, running around in chaos ... lots of clouds appeared right after full eclipse allowing to watch 2nd stage of partial eclipse without any filters.

for those who missed it: picasaweb.google.com/[...]

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