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Forums > Food & Drink > Thanksgiving Dinners out

@Elisa, ate both Thanksgiving and X-mas dinner at Lost Garden last year and rarely spend that kind of money for a meal but was worth every rmb.

Forums > Food & Drink > Thanksgiving Dinners out

Was never about the food at Thanksgiving or the gifts at X-mas but the opportunity to be with family that i might only get to see once a year.

Forums > Living in Kunming > foreigner health in kunming

@jcts40, sounds very similar to my experience for the first year in China. I was eating a good balanced diet and plenty of fruit but was frequently very weak, depressed and on edge. Went back to USA to visit my family and after a battery of blood tests found i had severe vitamin C deficiency. Took vitamin c for a while and quickly felt better eating fruit in USA. Syptoms quickly returned after returning to China despite eating a ton of fruit. I now take 250mg of vitamin C daily and have felt great for the past 3 years. Also quickly found that to much vitamin C can cause kidney stones.


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Insulation, how about replacing the entire walls of single pane glass windows with smaller insulated double pane ones. Would make homes cooler in summer, warmer in winter and would allow people to actually sleep at night without all the noise.



Metro has many things i cannot find other places, but i still find it a frustrating place to shop sometimes. Seem to frequently be out of things. For example their was very little fresh meat to choose from and actually they were out of many things and i was their just after lunch. They had no loaves of toasting bread and could not tell my wife when they would be getting more in. In looking at the fresh date on Hormel ham it had expired in September. However for first time i was able to shop all the aisles. Not filled with merchandise to be stocked or fork lifts.


Ate lunch today. Server was attentive. Food was good but a little slow in coming. Looking forward to eating dinner some evening and trying salad bar i have heard so much about.


To all those expecting an authentic Irish Pub come on we are after all living in China. I have eaten there several times and the burger is still the best in Kunming in my opinion. Staff is friendly and attentive to your needs. Place is not perfect but what is in CHina. Owners have been wonderful in opening up early for special events like the US Super Bowl.


Went for Pizza special tonight. Had the Barbeque chicken and it was very good. Also enjoyed an exceptionally large order of French Fries. Everything was good tonight and owners where not there.


Wonderful place. Evening price is 88rmb which includes large salad buffet and they bring out skewers of the best beef i have had in China, also chicken, pork, sausages, goose, corn on cob to your table. They seem to slow down after 8 but before that constantly waiters bringing fresh meat and cut it onto your plate. Have eaten there 5 times in past 2 months and has always been excellent food and even better have never left with any stomach ills.