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Forums > Travel Yunnan > to Yuanyang and Xishuangbanna

You are right Pandamaria. I am currently on the bus from Yuanyang Nansha to Jinghong. One bus a day, leaves at 15.30 because it comes from Hekou. I also had a very nice stay at sunny guesthouse! The way to yuanyang was also smooth for me, made it in one day from Chengdu! :)

Forums > Travel Yunnan > to Yuanyang and Xishuangbanna

Thank you all so much for replying! I have now booked a stay at Sunny Guesthouse in Yuanyang for tomorrow. They told me I can make the 12.30 bus, if not I should take the bus to Gezhui or Jianshui and take a bus to Yuanyang from there (writing this for others). (Referring to Xinjie here)

She told me that I can also go from Yuanyang to Xishuangbanna in one day with one transfer, but I will confirm this later.

Once again, thank you all and if anyone has more hotel advice for especially Xishuangbanna, please let me know! My ideal stay would a place that is not too expensive but is very relaxed and tranquil, with nice rooms/cabins/lodges in a natural surrounding. Also, anyone know about swimming opportunities in Xishuangbanna? I probably can't afford a hotel with a pool, like Sheraton :( But maybe they allow visit for the public? (or another fancy hotel? :P)

Forums > Travel Yunnan > to Yuanyang and Xishuangbanna

@ Alien:

I was thinking:
Day 1: Chengdu to Kunming to Yuanyang
Day 2: Stay yuanyang for 2 whole days (maybe 3)
Day 4(or 5): leave to Jinghong
Day 5 - 8: stay for 4 days in Jinghong
Day 9: Jinghong to Kunming (plane to Chengdu leaves at night 10/11PM-ish.

Should be reasonable right?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > to Yuanyang and Xishuangbanna

Hey guys, a fellow from (chilly) Chengdu here...

I am planning on going to Kunming this Wednesday, most likely arriving in the morning. I was thinking of going to Yuanyang and then go to Xishuangbanna afterwards. I have around 7 to 9 days. I have several questions about this journey that I hope you can answer:

1) Do you think I have enough time to visit both Yuanyang and Xishuangbanna? (my purpose of going to Xishuangbanna is not neccesarily to see all the major attractions, rather to just be in warm climate and to just relax :))

2) Arriving in the morning (9AM/10AM) at Kunming Airport and then heading my way to Kunming South Busstation to catch a bus to Yuanyang (Xinjie), will that be possible?

3) How is the ride from Yuanyang to Xishuangbanna (Jinghong), can I do it in one day? (read mixed things and outdated info on this)

4) Any recommendations for hotels in both Yuanyang and Xishuangbanna? I would like to avoid big touristy hotels, and sleep in rather cozy, relaxed and tranquil places with preferably nice natural surroundings.

I hope you guys can share some tips and some of your experiences! Thanks :)


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