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Hey Frank, you know your shit! They are in fact a breakfast sausage recipe, good guess, but if you're quick you can ask for the other recipe which has Garlic & crushed coriander seeds. It is perfect with pastas etc. We did only a few kgs of that one so they will be in short supply.

Just a note to any of you buying these sausages. The best way I have found to cook them are to first poach them in just a half inch of water (or beer of course) on a low flame for 5 - 10 mins, turning them once, just to set the skins, then pour out the liquid, add a little oil and leave on low for another 5mins, turning them every minute or so. Finally crank up the heat but keep turning them constantly for another 2 or 3 mins. mmmmmmmmmm!

Basically, if you cook them too hot, too soon, they will burst.

Thanks Collin for the experience it was an exhausting couple of days but well worth it.

Kunming Sausage King

PS. I cant wait for that bacon!


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