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Forums > Living in Kunming > From student visa to work visa

Thank you everyone for your answers. It is definitely a real pain to find some legit informations on internet.

@michael2015, I know travel agencies that can do the work for you but I apparently have to do an interview by myself to finish the process. That person couldn’t do it for me unfortunately.

@janjal, my “future”employer got through the process to submit all the required documents but never mentioned about the

“foreign staff” section as you said. I will ask him again.

Forums > Living in Kunming > From student visa to work visa

I recently received a notification letter of foreigner’s work permit to obtain a working visa for a chinese company.

The thing is that I am still on student visa and unable to transfer the visa to a work one. I apparently have to go back to my own country and go to the Chinese ambassy to show the all the papers etc..to

get the working visa. With the covid-19 restrictions I’m unable to come back to my own country, plus the air ticket prices are insane, plus China closed their gates for any foreigners who wants to come back until October.. what am I supposed to do ? Did someone had the same trouble during that time ?


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