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I had a back and leg problem and for this visited a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor in Kunming. He does acupuncture, but combines it with chiropractic work on the spine. It helps for me. Also been to a chiropractor back at home in Europe and basically the treatment is comparable, except for the needles of course. I guess you can go to any TCM doctor in Lijiang. The one I’m visiting in Kunming has this address; 云南省-昆明市-五华区-茭菱路566(富滇银行旁). Good luck.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Gym with a swimming pool

There used to be a gym + pool at Beichen, called Kalenyi Swimming Fitness. Closed a few months ago due to COVID obviously. Went there today as many gyms re-opening, but they’re renovation the whole building now and the whole gym seems to have disappeared..


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Old and worn-down, but very cozy amongst old apartment blocks and with fit old men making you look like a rookie. Nice place. Ah, and outdoor, so nice when it's sunny, cold when cloudy