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Studying at Huayang Academy in Dali is a very relaxed experience compared to a language study at a university. The people and the city are very laid back. The school itself is very clean and the people working there are very helpful. After arrival you will be guided in the process of getting a visa/residence permit/medical examination or what else kind of documents you might need.

Accomodation at the school works great as a basis upon which to explore and get to know the city. I stayed at the school for the first month so I didn't have to worry about accomodation while I settled in and got used to living in a foreign country. After the first month I found a place of my own in Dali Old Town. Finding rooms is relatively easy, but the school will provide help if you need it.

While studying in Dali I opted for the group class. At the moment this class consists of three people, including myself, which means every student gets a lot of attention. The class itself is relatively easy going, you won't get pushed too hard. You will have one tracher who will guide you through the lessons of the textbook and provide additional information where necessary.

Dali has beautiful scenery both nature and culture wise. The old town has many bars and restaurants to choose from and nature is always close by with the mountains to the west en lake Erhai to the east.

Overall I would recommend Huayang Academy in Dali if you're looking for a relaxed way of studying Chinese outside of the big cities.