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I'm planning a trip to Yunnan this September. I know someone who lives in Bazi Village (坝子) in Malipo, which is not far from the Lao Shan scenic area on the Vietnamese border. I would like to visit them - I would be starting in Kunming and taking a bus to Wenshan, down to either Malipo or Maguan. This is where I need help.

Is it likely that I would be able to find a driver/interpreter anywhere in Malipo or Maguan? I would prefer this since it gives me more flexibility. The alternative would be to hire one in Kunming, but it would be much more expensive since it would be such a long drive.

Afterwards I hope to visit Gulin Village (古林箐乡) before heading to Hekou and crossing into Vietnam - but that is just for context.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!


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