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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Visa without Huzzle?

From what I understand, a student visa would be best. You should go to class to get it renewed, but my roommate would often skip. You can keep renewing every 6 months as long as you want. I know someone who was on a student visa for 12 years

Forums > Study > KCEL reviews from current foreign students?

Hey everyone, looking for a Mandarin school in KM or maybe Dali/Lijiang. I already live in KM, so I have

the opportunity to check out the school in person as well.

It's been difficult to find current reviews from KCEL, so if you study there, please let me know your thoughts! Thanks

Forums > Study > Studyng Chinese near Dianchi Weicheng

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a Chinese school near Dianchi Weicheng. I dont want to go downtown everyday to class.

Anyone know of any schools that I can take a morning class at? I am pretty low level but I know some basics.\



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