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About KCEL: At KCEL is mostly one-on-one teaching.KCEL is open to all Nationals without age limits. At KCEK their goal is to make sure you sure after you enroll in the school by the time you period of study is expires you should be able to speak Chinese at least basic Chinese for beginners. Also they prepare students who are will to take the HSK exams.

THE GOOD THING ABOUT KCEL: At KCEL, they are capable of providing you with resident permit(visa)according to the duration of study just like any other university in china.

ABOUT TURTION FEES. The turtions are relatively cheaper and affordable to any who is Willing to study there.

PEOPLE'S VIEW ABOUT KCEL: Normally everyone has his or her view about KCEL. Incase an individual faces some problems should not be generalised because as time passes things changes new development takes place. The KCEL in 2016 can't be same as that of 2018 there is an evolution in everything.

As for me on my part, when i arrive KCEL I just have 5days to my visa due date of which one has to summit for visa renewal 10days before due date. I was taken to. police to get registered and other documents put place for me to renew my visa. This i will never forget the kindness and the services rendered to me by the Administrators. For that i will forever remain grateful.