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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Hiking in Dali

To answer my own question, I think yes, there's actually a path just south of the jeep road which would probably be much nicer to hike up.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Hiking in Dali

Is there an alternative on a more scenic trail, that doesn't involve climbing 1500m?

The hike described above where you start "at the water pipe", is that the jeep road or something else?


Forums > Travel Yunnan > Hiking in Dali

Reviving an extremely old thread. I'm also thinking of doing a hike in huadianba. Am I correct in saying the start of the trail is this dirt track west of Fengyang as shown on google satellite images?

I guess there are also trails further north heading up over the bigger mountain, but those seem like they would involve 1500m of elevation gain, a bit more than I'd like for this hike.

Can someone confirm?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Hiking/Mountain in Kunming?

I was also searching for this kind of info - google "Best Hiking Spots Around Kunming" and an article (from an agent) comes up with some concrete suggestions that could be a good starting point to look into - details are sparse though.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Xueling Mt, Dongchuan District

Hi everyone (my first post),

Does anybody have any info about climbing Xueling Mt in Dongchuan District?

How would one get there, and how difficult is it to climb?

I was looking at Jiaozi Mt, which seems accessible by bus (and has now been "tamed" by walkways, cable car, etc), and saw that that Xueling is also nearby. It would be great to combine the two in one trip. Any idea if this is possible?



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