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The little pinks are certainly out in force on this one.

A common theme of the little pinks is summed up in this comment I recently read from one of their minions: "Freedom of speech doesn't mean not respecting the facts. Trampling on China to praise the US, sorry I can't agree with that."

Hmmm, ok...Does anyone remember Zhou Xiaoping? The blogger whose claim to fame was anti-USA writings? He certainly never let facts get in the way of his anti US diatribes. And while there were a few Chinese who called bs on his rants, China lapped up his every word. And even Xi praised him for his "positive energy."

Where was China's outrage at Zhou's blatant exaggerations (much worse than Yang's). No little pinks came out to denounce Zhou and the many others like him for "trampling on the USA to praise China."


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